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My journey so far


DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGER - Performance and Strategy Lead
Apr/21 - Current

  • Leadership and development of winning pitch for major client

  • Management and development of Inbound, SEO, Social Media, Design, CRM, Paid Media and Quality teams - hiring | validation | operacional efficiency

  • Strategic leadership for big accounts and new business.

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Marketing Manager
Feb/20 - Nov/20

  • Structuring of the maketing department: hiring, management, training and staff development

  • Development of and implementation of branding concepts for prospecting and client acquisition

  • Development and implementation of the company’s first website

  • Development of sales and prospecting material for sales staff

  • Implementation of content marketing strategies for client retention and acquisition

  • Management and training of marketing and research staff

  • Content Marketing Implementation using facebook, Instagram, linkedin and youtube

  • Development of campaigns for lead generation and customer success

  • Development of landing pages, SEO practices and inbound marketing

  • Management and development of KPIs for the company

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Planning and Copy Supervisor
Jun/19- Jan/20

  • 25% increase in opened phone notifications by user base by implementing new content guidelines.

  • Development and implementation of Anual Marketing Plan envolving multiple departments inside the company.

  • Development of essencial Sales Staff Training

  • Development of personas for branding, user acquisition and fidelity with data science team.

  • Development of new Brand Image and purpose.

  • Management and mentorship of the Creative team inside the marketing department. 

  • Advertising and Branded Content Planning for Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

  • Writing and development of marketing campaigns for user aquisition (app downloads), B2B partnerships and engagement. 

  • Planning and content creation for branded landing pages. 

  • Writting and Management all social media monitoring process.

  • Management of User Aquisition Costs alongside an outside Digital Performance Agency. 

  • Management of Media Coverage alongside an outside PR Agency


Planning and Copy Supervisor
Mai/16- Mai/19

  • Winning the advertising account of one of the leading vegetable oil brands in Brazil. 

  • Development and Implantation of an enhanced manegement process inside the agency. 

  • 300% increase in e-commerce sells of Dadinho, one of the most recognizable candy brands in Brazil. 

  • Responsible for the biggest viral vídeo for Dadinho, with a budget of R$ 500,00 and over 1 million views on social media

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  • Managing the creative team and creating all branded content for clients. 

  • Advertising Campaigns for clients of various markets both online and off-line. 

  • Social Media content. 

  • Website writting and SEO planning. 

  • Digital Strategic Planning: A/B tests, Social Media, e-commerce. Adwords. 

  • TV and media writting.

Nov/19- 2021

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Creative Director

Creative Director

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Trainee Copywriter

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